An 8-Week live blueprint to launch
Whether you’re a coach-in-the-making or seasoned expert, you’re in this business for one purpose:
Use your gift to change your clients’ lives and your own.
Coach's Secret isn’t only about improving your quality of life, either.
 It’s also about giving back to others and helping change the way they live for the better.

To have the most impact, you need to understand the process of growing your expertise 
into a thriving coaching business.
Now, what if I told you that I’ve taken my own lucrative coaching business and transformed it into a step-by-step blueprint on how to turn your expertise into a wildly profitable and impactful practice?
Coach’s Secret
with Akbar Sheikh
Let’s be honest, there are two things that everybody wants in life: impact and money.
Coaching is the ULTIMATE way to attain both.
Coach’s Secret is built to take your expertise and transform it into a sustainable way to spread your light.
Did you know that some of the most powerful people in the world have credited their massive success to coaching? People such as:
Oprah Winfrey
Google CEO Sundar Pichai
Bill Clinton
Leonardo DiCaprio
Super Bowl MVPs
And the list goes 
on and on…
Top level trailblazers in every field have one thing in common...
The Coach’s Secret is creating the next wave of REAL ethical coaches, 
who not only want profits, but want to leave a legacy.
Pound for pound, the most impact I’ve been able to make has been through being a coach. My team and I have positively impacted tens of thousands of lives all over the world, and we’ve learned a LOT in that time. Through blood, sweat, and tears, I’ve experienced what it really takes to be a masterful coach with a thriving business. Now, for the first time, I want to share that with YOU.
You’ll cover the A-Z on building a thriving coaching business and ill even show you how I did it with
$0 in ad spend.
Learn how to create a coaching business from scratch in just 8 weeks by:
  • Structuring your skills into an actual offer
  • ​Identifying your coaching mode
  • ​Defining your audience
  • ​Create clear and enticing messaging for your practice
  • ​Getting clients to sell YOU on the idea of coaching them
  • ​Consistently delivering unprecedented positive results
  • ​Find genuine happiness in serving people
  • Find free red-hot leads for life
Join in on the ground floor of this revolutionary program.
Take the coaching industry by storm.
This isn’t only for coaches-in-the-making — 
if you’re an existing coach looking to seriously scale your revenue and impact,  The Coach’s Secret is the answer to your prayers.
Here’s How We Get You To 7 Figures:
To be a powerful coach, you have to feel powerful. We’re going to break you down on a molecular level and build you back up again as a powerful and impactful coach.
Who Are You Serving? 
Crystal clear messaging is what you’re missing — hone in on who exactly your audience is and exactly how to get them running to you.
Get the psychology of a 7-figure funnel PLUS the actual coaching template that I used to scale my own business.
Driving Traffic 
How to add dream clients every month with $0 in ad spend
Paid Traffic
Learn from one of the best traffic experts on how to scale on autopilot.
Close the Deal
Get our exact 7 figure sales framework so you know exactly what to say and stop hearing “no”!
Client Retention 
Anybody can sell, but we’re going to teach you how to keep your clients extremely satisfied, raving about you to their friends, and returning to your practice.
Now What?
Now that you have a wildly successful coaching practice, what’s the next step? How can you impact even more people?
weekly LIVE Q&A sessions with Akbar and leading industry experts
With access to Akbar every week, you’ll have the resources you need to get unstuck, with live help that will take you further than ever before and transform you into the best coach you can be.
Meet Your Coach
As an award-winning funnel coach, #1 best-selling author, and international keynote and TEDx speaker, Akbar Sheikh is “The Coach’s Coach.” He helps experts accelerate their growth and maximize their profit and impact through coaching. Akbar has helped hundreds of people scale including many to six and seven figures using his proven methodology. 
Before he found coaching, Akbar was living in an electrical closet, overweight, with crippling anxiety and no spirituality or passion. Then he discovered his purpose in online marketing, becoming a 1% earner in a 186 billion dollar industry — all in 12 months. He believes coaching can create massive impact and as people earn more, they can give more and make the world a better place. He’s a proud husband, father, and philanthropist with a concentration on giving to orphans, giving the gift of vision to blind children and giving clean water to those who don't have any. He’s been awarded one of the top 30 social entrepreneurs, has been on the cover of funnel magazine and is a frequent guest on top podcasts.
His vision is to help you make more so you can give more.
“I implemented Akbar’s suggestions into our sales page — we launched 2 weeks ago and made $47,000 in 48-hours... If you have the opportunity to work with him, don’t even think twice!”
- Cat Howell
“When I first got into business, I had no idea what market I wanted to get into or who I wanted to help. I spent thousands of dollars on ads with little to no return... That’s when I took a leap of faith and joined Akbars course. The immediate sense of community I was surrounded by meant everything to me, it turned my life around completely.”
- Nicholas Dodge
“Akbar changed not only my business, but my mindset. I earned my original investment back within 4 weeks! I went into his course, implemented his techniques, and saw immediate results. Now, I’m not only growing my business but my vision is so much bigger! I can’t thank you enough, Akbar, for changing my life. If you have a chance to work with him go for it — you will not regret it.”
- Gusten Sundqvist
“There are a lot of things that Akbar teaches, but in my opinion what I took away the most and what’s helped me break past so many different barriers is the mindset extension. Any type of mindset training that Akbar has had has helped me be able to break past a lot of displease that I had in my business and what I’m capable of. If you guys are looking for something that’s going to help get you to the next level, take it from me, this is something that helped me."
- Robb Quinn
“Over the last 6 months I’ve been following your posts and I have to say, out of so many people that are out there you are one of the most reliable and trustworthy sources... we’ve now been able to increase our business from $1.7 million a year in revenue to now being on track to hit 4+ million this year. Thank you, I appreciate you, and I look forward to seeing everything else you put out in the future!”
- Ryan Margolin
“I joined Akbar’s Mastermind in April 2015 after feeling burnt out and at a plateau. Each year I was doing more and more with my business but seeing the same results. I needed someone who could look at my business from a birds-eye view and give me direction. Since April I have regained my passion and I’m doing things in my business that would’ve scared me before. Joining Akbar has been hands down the best decision I could’ve made or my business. I finally feel as if I’m pointed in a direction where I can grow — not only did my sales increase, but they have doubled since I joined Akbar!”
- Emily Garcia
“Working with Akbar has been one of the best things I did for my business. We clicked right away, and with his help we were finally able to bring my business to 6 figures, and getting close to 7 figures right now.”
- Johnny West
“When I started with Akbar, I was operating an eComm store that was generating about $2,000-$3,000 a month. With the 7 ethical principles of persuasion, I took every single one of those to heart, changed the store around, and the conversions quadrupled, and our sales are now averaging $10,000 - $11,000 a month.”
- Jason Card
“I was closing a decent amount of sales for my course but I had to hop on the phone with everyone and I wanted to automate a lot of it. Akbar gave me a very simple suggestion, something I was totally overlooking. I implemented it right away and immediately I started seeing an extra 2-3 sales per day. Akbar knows his stuff, if anybody is looking to get a funnel converting he is definitely the person to talk to.”
- Ross Christifuli
“Ever since I joined the 7 figure family and watched Akbar’s live videos, I’ve had more motivation. I recently set a target to do over $30,000 in sales, and I just surpassed the $40,000 mark on my goal!”
- Philippe Trottier
“Once I joined Akbar’s course, everything skyrocketed. I got three new clients in one week, when before I was getting one new client maybe every three weeks. This has changed the game for me, take that leap and make the investment, you will not regret it!”
- Klaas van Oosterhout
“I’ve never been able to close anyone over the phone or sell anything high-ticket, I’ve always sold $5-$10 items. I used Akbar’s 7 Figure sales calls template and I closed two people today at $3,000/month for consulting. Akbar, you’ve changed my life. I’m closing on a house today and I’ve got my down payment all because of you.”
- Kolton Krottinger
Each day that you aren’t fulfilling your purpose is a day wasted.
Maximize your impact on the world
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