Ads Coach: Went From Charging $300 Per Client to Easily Charging $5000 Per Client in Just a Few Months

Bridget Brooks is a Facebook ads coach who went from charging $300 per client to easily charging $5000 per client in just a few months of being in the Coaching University.

Problems Faced Before Coaching University

Bridget knew she had the knowledge to help people with Facebook Ads, but she let limiting beliefs stand in her way. Even with experience working for Facebook for five years and being in the advertising industry for 20 years, she didn’t believe she had what it took to succeed until she joined the Coaching University.

Many people have limiting beliefs about themselves and the world around them. Limiting beliefs hold them back from achieving their full potential, living a life they love, and making a difference in the lives of others. Most people think that getting rid of limiting beliefs is impossible or takes years of therapy to accomplish. But it doesn't have to be this way!

How Coaching University Helped Solve the Problems

After joining Coaching University, Bridget learned to incorporate non-negotiables into her daily schedule – such as go to the gym and generate leads. She changed her outlook on her business, her health, and her overall worth. Today, her daily goal is HOPE- Help One Person Everyday. As a result of changing how she thinks about herself, how she talks to herself, and the daily coaching she receives through the Coaching University dream team, she knows that she can help others, and she knows that helping people in need is more important now than ever.

With Bridget’s new found confidence, hyper focus, and lead generation techniques, she has increased her prices exponentially, recently having two 50k months back to back since joining the program.

How We Can Help You

Coaching University helps you identify your own limiting belief patterns and replace them with empowering new thoughts, actionable steps, and daily coaching support, so you can live the life you want today and run your business with confidence! Let us help you by accepting our gift- a free, 45-minute blueprint call that will help identify where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Helping Coaches live the life of their dreams and give more than they ever though possible.


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Copyright © 2022 Coaching University. All rights reserved.