Outsourcing Coach: Made Six Figures and Lost Over 20 Pounds in a 2 Months


Digital Systems: Was Able To Quit His Job In 6 Months, Now Has A Team Of 5 People

Funnel Coach: Gained Confidence to Start Selling Packages for $10,000

App Development: Focus on what you do best, Outsource the Rest!

Fitness Teacher: Attracted 30,000 Participants To Her Front-end Offer During The Pandemic

FB Agency Owner: Created A Course That Made Him 100k In Six Weeks

Public Speaking Coach: His Journey to 7-Figures

Marketing Coach: He Was Stuck at Earning $7k a Month and Wanted to Make More.

Career Coach: He Quit His $300k Per Year Job Plus Seven Figure Stock Options To Start Coaching

Trading Coach: Hit Six Figures in 30 Days While Only Implementing 60% of the Program

Ads Coach: Went From Charging $300 Per Client to Easily Charging $5000 Per Client in Just a Few Months

Travel Coach: You Can Learn From The Mistakes Of Others

About Our Founder

Years ago, Akbar was living out of an electrical closet without hot water, was in a marriage from hell, had debilitating anxiety, and bad habits that held him back.

Fast forward to today and he and his team have helped countless entrepreneurs hit 6, 7, and even 8 figures. Along the way, he lost 50lbs, got over his crippling anxiety disorder, and is enjoying a wonderful marriage with 2 crazy kids all while doing the work and living the life he loves.

Our mission at The Coaching University is very clear: We want to help YOU make more, so you can give more to your family, favorite communities, and charities, hence making the world a better place!
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Copyright © 2022 Coaching University. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2022 Coaching University. All rights reserved.