Career Coach: He Quit His $300k Per Year Job Plus Seven Figure Stock Options To Start Coaching

Gaurav is a career coach who works with professionals to find their dream jobs by helping them identify meaningful job opportunities and teach them how to secure these opportunities and secure competitive compensation packages. Gaurav had never coached before, but the Coaching University gave him the confidence and structure he needed to earn six figures in a year, and not just any year, but 2020.

Problems Faced Before Coaching University

The fact that Gaurav was in the top 1% of employees earning 300k per year plus seven figure stock options is one of the reasons most people would have chosen to stay in such a situation as an employee. The lifestyle he wanted did not fit into the corporate mold. He did not let fear keep him in that secure job. He wanted to break free but didn't know how.

How Coaching University Helped Solve the Problems

Gaurev knew he had something people needed. He knew he had what it took to help them. Coaching University was able to help Gaurev organize his thoughts using a blueprint that provided him with structure, yet enough freedom to make the plan his own. After joining the Coaching University, Gaurev was able to craft a clear message, learn how to reach his audience organically, and monetize his efforts.

How We Can Help You

Gaurav was able to create a business around the skills he already possessed. Do you have an idea for a business but not sure how to turn it into reality? If you want to turn your gifts into profits by packing and monetizing it the correct way, accept the gift of a free, 45-minute call, the very same call that Gaurav that helped move him and his business in the right direction.

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Copyright © 2022 Coaching University. All rights reserved.