Outsourcing Coach: Made Six Figures and Lost Over 20 Pounds in a 2 Months

Michelle Thompson helps online business coaches take a load off their plate by coaching them on how to manage personal assistants or providing them with a fully trained personal assistant. Michelle is the perfect example of what trusting the process looks like. Michelle joined Coaching University and went through the modules with fidelity and within months went from making $200 in her business to making six figures.

Problems Faced Before Coaching University

Michelle realized early on that she wasn’t getting the results she wanted, especially after only making $200 for a course. Her approach of trying to help everyone caused her to help no one in particular. Additionally, Michelle needed to strengthen her mindset, and she was unsure of the right systems and processes to implement for her business.

How Coaching University Helped Solve the Problems

Coaching University is a comprehensive program that not only teaches you how to run a successful business but also teaches you how to improve your mindset, so you can show up in your business as your best self. Sometimes we skip this very important step in the process and go straight to work. After following Akbar’s mindset advice, Michelle gained tremendous energy and lost 20 pounds in two months.

After starting off on the right foot with the mindset work, Michelle was also very diligent with how she paced herself throughout the course. She followed Akbar’s principle of watch a little and implement a lot. She implemented fully before moving on to the next module.

The Coaching University program helped Michelle clarify her target audience and her message. In addition, she also learned how to find her audience and how to offer value as a way to get her audience to be in a position to speak with her about next steps. Through being clear on her audience and the problems she solves, she was able to do organic outreach that kept her schedule full of appointments.

After Michelle became clear about her business processes, she was able to systematize the entire process and hand it off to her virtual assistants.

How We Can Help You

Businesses need a clear message that speaks directly to their target audience. Knowing how to reach them, what they want, and how to give it to them can be hard. Since we've done this for many businesses already, we know a thing or two about getting your message across clearly and effectively. Moving your business in the right direction can be as easy as a free 45-minute blueprint call, the exact call that started Michelle on the journey from $200 to six figures in a few months.

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Copyright © 2022 Coaching University. All rights reserved.