FB Agency Owner: Created A Course That Made Him 100k In Six Weeks

Depesh Mandalia is a media buying expert and coach who runs a successful 7 figure agency and Facebook ads training business. Depesh story started out like so many, with uncertainty regarding how to show up because of experiencing imposter syndrome.

Problems Faced Before Coaching University

Even after helping many businesses reach a million dollars, he still didn’t feel validated to show up and teach others what he knew. He saw himself as an introvert and believed because there were others successful in the business, no one would want to learn from him. Imposter syndrome can make you feel unworthy and inadequate despite evidence to the contrary. With the help of Akbar and the Coaching University, Depesh made a decision to change the narrative of imposter syndrome and being an introvert, and he chose success.

How Coaching University Helped Solve the Problems

The change started with the quest to learn how to brand himself to grow his business. He teamed with Akbar to determine next steps. Once Akbar helped put a blueprint in place to validate Depesh success with a solid case study of Depesh’s wins, the floodgates opened with people wanting help and guidance from Depesh. During this time, Depesh was able to see that he had something that could help others and they wanted it specifically from him. As a result of building the business the right way with Akbar’s guidance and overcoming imposter syndrome, the trickle down effect led to Depesh launching a Facebook group where he would share value and ultimately created a course that made him 100k in six weeks. Also, Depesh went from thinking he was an introvert to speaking on stages everywhere.

This journey of discovery on how to balance his agency and his training programs encouraged Depesh to make a decision to figure out the person he wanted to be - what type of health and wealth and mental state did he want to have so that he could show up at the highest level for his wife, children, client, and team. Finding what works for you as a person to be successful at your goals takes clarity of knowing where you want to go, focus to work toward those goals without getting distracted, and determination to stay on the right track, not only during times of progress, but also through the challenges.

How We Can Help You

If you are needing to eliminate imposter syndrome, as it is preventing you from showing up, but you know you have greatness to offer and want to make an impact on the world, be sure to accept the gift of a free blueprint call, the same type of call Depesh took to get him to seven figures in his business. Build your business the right way and overcome imposter syndrome to show up in the world and achieve your full potential.

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Copyright © 2022 Coaching University. All rights reserved.